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Our Expertise is
Growing Plants.

We are a family-owned craft cannabis farm focused on farming the highest quality craft cannabis flower on the market.

The People at Golden Peak are all about farming cannabis using organic farming methods. We farm cannabis in organically certified Adonis Living Soil™ and work hard to create a healthy ecosystem for our plants.

Our mission is to leverage the passion of our team to grow the highest quality cannabis in the marketplace using organic and socially responsible methods.

our introductory strain

Golden Peak's Tiger Bomb

Patiently farmed in our Dieppe New Brunswick facility using organic living soil, we carefully cultivate this strain giving it the care and attention it deserves. 

The complexity of Tiger Bomb is immediately detected when hints of menthol and citrus combine with gassy undertones to produce a flower that has a strong aroma.


Compound Genetics 

Indica Dominent Hybrid

Cross between MAC 69 (Miracle Alien Cookies 69) and Menthol 

top 3 terpenes

Citrus aroma found in lemons, oranges and other citrus fruit  


Present in spices including black pepper, cloves and cinnamon  


Also found in Mint, Parsley and Orchids   

cannabis flowers

Our Farming Methodology

Organic Farming Methods
By using an organically certified living soil and employing integrated pest management (IPM) techniques, we are able to grow great cannabis flowers without the use of any chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
Environmental Controls
Our state of the art indoor grow facility contains industry leading HVAC, lighting and irrigation systems that allows our small batch craft cannabis to express itself to its fullest potential on a year round basis.
Organic Living Soil
By using organically certified Adonis Living Soil™ our plants are able to naturally uptake the nutrients they require to reach their full potential without the use of synthetic fertilizer. We only add organically certified ingredients ..........and lots of love!
passionate growers

Meet the Team

Tom Devost
President & CEO
Director of Administration & Compliance